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What About the Men?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

ATLANTA, GA – M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc. is pleased to announce founder, Angelia O’Neal is a contributing author to the upcoming book “Engaging and Working with African American Fathers: Strategies and Lessons”. Lead editor, Dr. Latrice S. Rollins, Assistant Director of Evaluation & Institutional Assessment at the Morehouse School of Medicine Prevention Research Center and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine at Morehouse School of Medicine believes now is the time to finally turn the rhetoric of our country’s ideals and the ethics of our professions into real life practice and create a culture of health and equity for African American fathers.

Engaging and Working with African American Fathers: Strategies and Lessons is a unique book because African American women are leading each chapter. Having over 15 years’ experience in working directly with African-American males, Ms. O’Neal’s chapter discusses employment and labor strategies and trepidations. She states, “I am so honored to have been chosen by Dr. Rollins to be a co-author. This opportunity has given me a platform to share my ‘real-life’ experiences working with African-American fathers. The information shared by all the women authors and contributors within the book has the ability to positively impact policy change for African-American fathers on a national level”. 

Scheduled to be released in 2020, in her quest to effect policy nationally, Dr. Rollins further states, “A book on engaging and working with A

frican American fathers is overdue and would be an important addition to an academic press because of widespread evidence that engaging fathers leads to positive social and health outcomes for the fathers, their families and communities. However, there is a need for literature on specific skills to engage and work with them in public health; infant and child health; prevention; faith-based initiatives; mental health; substance abuse; domestic violence; child support, criminal justice; employment; adult, early, elementary, and secondary education; foster care; parenting; and social services. This book can start to inform emerging and current practitioners by highlighting work that challenges traditional, fragmented approaches to practice with African American fathers”.

As the education, social service, and public health fields increasingly train and employ more women of color, the v

oices of African American women are not only critical to engage other female students and professionals, but to demonstrate the contributions to the field and advocacy for underserved African American fathers.

About M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc. – Founded in 2004, M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc. (Making Employment the Next Step) is a Georgia-based 501(c)3 not-for-profit Service Provider agency. To date, M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc. (MWI) has provided services to 1,500+ males throughout Georgia. MWI’s mission is to serve as a direct Personal and Social Development Training Agency for males that are actively seeking self-sufficiency and career development. It is the goal of MWI to empower individuals with becoming: confident, positive employees; pioneers in building stronger communities; and major contributors to the U.S. economy.

For more information contact Angelia O’Neal at or Dr. Latrice Rollins at

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