Participants will receive a certificate of completion for each course.

Single and group training offered.


Our unique online and cloud-based training courses allows program participants to engage in secured training from any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device. This platform gives our organization the capability to address competencies for males and fathers to obtaining and retaining employment while promoting job growth and improve father involvement. Our training programs can also be used in a correctional facility where web-based learning is accessible.


Workforce Readiness


Workplace readiness skills are transferable to different work situations. Workplace readiness training helps fill the gaps between the skills workers' currently possess and the skills needed on the job. Employers strive to find workers with valuable work readiness skills and several job-specific training programs are available to help workers attain those skills.  (Source:

M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc. offers online and cloud-based workforce readiness training courses for a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device designed to address competencies of obtaining and retaining employment while promoting job growth.


Core Course Offerings include but not limited to:

  • Working Smarter: Using Technology to Your Advantage

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Mastering the Interview

  • Diversity Training: Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

  • Conflict Resolution: Getting Along in The Workplace


 *Our Workforces Readiness training can be implemented in a correctional facility for pre-release training where web-based learning is accessible.


Soft Skills


Many professionals focus on developing their hard skills in order to improve and advance their careers. While hard skills are important, organizations today are looking for professionals that possess strong soft skills. After all, even if you’re the best at coding, you won’t be able to advance your career if you don’t know how to work well with others.

Soft skills can broadly be divided into two aspects. First is the ability to work upon yourself with endurance and determination to constantly upgrade your capacity, while second is people skills. As human beings, our entire life is comprised of interactions with other people.


This is why the ability to get along with people is one of the most important factors that will determine an individual’s success as well as happiness. Soft skills are a set of skills that essentially determine your ability to communicate and get along with others. Empathy, generosity, patience, tolerance and an ability to put your point across (howsoever critical) without creating conflicts, are a bunch of very important skill sets. You must not only be able to communicate with cohesion but also be willing to listen to the other point of view and accommodate good suggestions from wherever they come.


At M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc., we offer a strategic group of cloud-based online computer-based training in Soft Skill development. Our courses are designed to aid in advancing your career and personal development. Courses include:

  • Active Listening

  • Critical Thinking

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication Strategies

  • Personal Brand: Maximizing Personal Impact

  • Building Your Self Esteem & Assertiveness Skills


Professional Wardrobe Services


Get job search and interview ready!

Individual and group coaching sessions are designed to address professional image skill development. Consumer receives a Professional "Mini Wardrobe"after each session. Items include:

  • One (1) Professional two-piece Suit

  • One (1) Dress Shirt

  • One (1) Casual Pant

  • One (1) Casual Shirt

  • Two (2) Neckties

  • One (1) Pair of Shoes

  • One (1) Belt

  • One (1) Career & Image Power Pack

*Mini-professional wardrobe may be altered by the discretion of the service provider. Clothing items
are based on inventory levels at time of service*



Fathering in 15


Welcome to M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc.’s Fathering in 15™!

An online and cloud-based training courses for a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device “Fathering in 15™” is a 15-course training platform with no facilitator required allowing dads to go through the course competencies at their own pace. Some course offerings include:

  • Being a Man and Dad

  • Handling Emotions

  • You and Mom

  • Talking with Mom

  • Co-Parenting

  • Fathering Skills

  • Child Development

  • Child Discipline


All fathers that complete training receives a Professional "Mini Wardrobe". Contact us for more details.

*Fathering in 15™ can be implemented in a correctional facility for pre-release training where web-based learning is accessible.



Career Pathways

Introducing the M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc.’s Apprenticeship Program:

ASE Certified Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship

Launching summer 2021, applications will be accepted to start a career as an ASE Certified Auto Mechanic. All courses are cloud-based online computer-based training. Our ASE Certified Auto Mechanic apprenticeship program allows apprentices to earn a paycheck while learning! Based on industry standards, the G-1 Type Certification includes:

  • 2-year Paid Apprenticeship Program in Auto Repair & Maintenance – Cars and Trucks

  • Hands on-the-job training

  • Soft Skills Training

  • Books and tests included

  • Work uniform provided

  • Specialized workforce readiness training courses

  • Fathering in 15 training courses

  • Take classes at your own pace to complete the training

  • Work up to 25 hours/week


Customer Service

Is your company looking to increase your productivity or sales? Or are you someone looking for a job as a customer service representative? Get certified through our Customer Service Training program.

Our online and cloud-based training courses can be accessed from any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Courses include but not limited to:

  • Critical Elements Of Customer Service

  • Customer Service Training: Managing Customer Service

  • CRM: An Introduction to Customer Relationship Management

  • Call Center Training: Sales and Customer Service Training for Call Center Agents



Retail Work$ Internship: RISE Up

It’s here: M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc is now a training partner with the National Retail Federation Foundation (NRF). We are working together to ignite and inspire young people with career opportunities in retail. By integrating the NRF Foundation RISE Up curriculum and M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc.’s Soft Skills training, together we are helping young people (age 14 and older) acquire the skills they need to land jobs in retail and advance into promising careers.

RISE Up is the NRF Foundation training and credentialing program that provides foundational employability skills to help people land jobs and get promoted in retail and beyond.

The Retail Industry Fundamentals curriculum – will help apprentices develop workplace readiness skills and look for a first job. The online curriculum and exams are industry-recognized and were developed in collaboration with more than twenty retailers, including Walmart, Macy’s and The Home Depot.



The EXODUS Project: Coming Soon

Exodus_Transp Bkgnd_Color.png

Presented by M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc. and Redemption Advancement Alliance, Inc., The EXODUS Project is a comprehensive re-entry training initiative focused on personal/social development and workforce readiness training to aid participants with being productive citizens. Program modules include:

Phase I - Personal & Social Development Training



Phase II - Workforce Readiness Training & Career Pathway Development


(Power Moves & Skills You Need for Workplace Success)



(Parenting and Co-Parenting Skills)

MODULE 7 - FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (Building a Firm Foundation)

For more information, please contact M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc. at

*Fees for Training and Services May Apply

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